CD Duplicating Services

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CD Duplicating Services are one of the services that PCReprograpics provides. With our state of the art duplicating equipment we can duplicated large quantities of CD’s and DVD’s. We also have the capabilities of print CD labels and J-Card inserts. Whether they are 2, 4 or 6 panel J-cards we can print fold and insert them into a jewel case or DVD case.


With our CD Duplicating Services, We work with you every step of the way. We want the results to exceed your expectations. Audio CD manufacturing, DVD manufacturing to CD ROM replication.  PCReprograpics is your one-stop-shop for CD Duplicating Services from project beginning to end. We can duplicate your CDs, design a full-color art cover and CD design, as well as get it packaged and ready for retail. Please contact us for more information about our CD Duplicating Services

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We offer several options, including unpackaged and burned CDs, CDs with full-color laser labels or artwork printed directly on the CD.

DVD Duplication is the process of transfering digital information to blank DVDs directly from an original DVD source. It is also known as DVD burning or DVD copying.