Document Scanning Services

Document Scanning Services is what our company was built on.  We starting Document Scanning Services about 16 years ago and hosted documents online to allow other users to access those documents.  We have the ability to scan both B/W and color. We can also scan X-rays and small receipts. Our Document Scanning Services allows us to scan both small documents and large documents. We can scan large architectural plans and large color prints.  We can also print from the scans. Our Document Scanning Services started by scanning documents for the legal industry.  We also have the capability to save to many different file types and create load files to work with your back end office software. We can also OCR (Optical Character Recognition) your documents to make them searchable.  This allows your to search through the documents to find particular documents.  We have scanned some pretty large jobs. We would love to give you a quote on your next job.

Our Document Scanning Services are available 24/7. With all the various types of equipment we have we will be able to complete your Document Scanning Services job quickly and accurately.

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Small Document includes 11×17 or smaller.  This includes small document like receipts.  We also do scanning directly on the glass.

Large Document Scanning includes documents that are large than 11×17.  This can include architectural plans or larger x-rays.